What is Millennial Pink (And How Do You Use It?)

Thu, Jul 06, 2017 at 12:13PM

What is Millennial Pink (And How Do You Use It?)

Whether you’re an interior design fan or simply like to keep tabs on up-and-coming colors, you may have heard of an oddly-titled newcomer to the game: a shade called millennial pink.

Named both for the era it was born into and its popularity among the young generation, this pink is unique in its subtlety. It’s not bright like bubble gum or overly feminine like traditional baby pink—but it is light, much like rose quartz, and easily pairs with a wealth of décor schemes.

While its name may be “millennial,” there’s no age limit for this unexpected color! See today’s blog for a few of our favorite ways to bring this shade into your own home.

Opt for the obvious

Not sure how to use millennial pink? You can always take the natural route and use it to dress up a bathroom, closet, or even your daughter’s room. It still offers a traditional feminine touch, but isn’t too loud, bright, or princess-like in nature, making it a welcome alternative to classic varieties. In other words, it’s hard to grow out of!

Add a dash of pink to your seating area

You don’t need to take out the paint cans just yet. Try incorporating this soft pink in a seating area (either a kitchen breakfast nook, your living room sofa setup, etc.) for a safe but noticeable change that pairs well with a variety of colors (from blues to greens to neutrals like white or tan). Millennial pink is about as close to neutral as pinks come, so it’s a perfect way to switch up your surroundings without bathing everything in bubble gum.

Brighten up a less-than-inspired space

Feeling less-than-inspired in your home office, kitchen, or other creative space? Adding this shade of pink to your walls can be a move toward whimsy without being too obvious or out of the ordinary.

Work with texture

If you don’t want your millennial pink walls to be too abrupt of a change, you can soften them up even further with the help of texture. Sponge painting the color on, for example, as opposed to traditional application will give you an earthy, almost vintage texture that blends the modern nature of millennial pink with a more natural feel.

It’s always refreshing to shake up our surroundings in a visual way—and this color more than achieves it.

Will you be adding a dose of millennial pink to your home this season? Let us know how in the comments below!

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