Lush and Lucky: Our Favorite Houseplants for Home

Wed, Mar 07, 2018 at 1:15PM

Lush and Lucky: Our Favorite Houseplants for Home

By the time St. Patrick’s Day rolls around, we start thinking about luck—and while you may still decide to don all green to get superstition on your side, there’s actually a number of ways to take part in the good-spirited quest for luck.

One of our favorites? Surrounding yourself with beautiful houseplants known for their beauty and, some say, good fortune. Read on to learn about five such plants!

Money tree

Wondering how the money tree might bring you luck? It’s in the name! This beloved plant (famous for its bright green, angular leaves and braided trunk) is an intriguing species, one whose size and shape makes it a must-have addition to offices and homes—as a plus, it fits neatly in a corner, too.

It’s been said that having a money tree around can help bring fortune where it’s placed. Even aside from the luck factor, though, it’s a beautiful plant worth adding to your space!


Another gorgeous addition, the orchid, is a sturdy species noted for its vibrant, purple or magenta hue and sleek profile. This minimalist plant is noted for its beauty and, of course, its purported ability to bring luck to its owner. This (plus, perhaps, the incredibly portable nature of the plant when potted) has made it a popular gift for friends, family members and business partners around the world.

Lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo is another hardy plant, one that’s easy to care for or give as a housewarming gift. Its bright green stalks and instantly recognizable shape make it an apt addition to any bedroom, home office or living space—plus, it’s said to bring happiness wherever it goes!

Bonsai tree

You might recognize the bonsai tree from movies like “The Karate Kid.” The famous plant is not actually a species in itself—rather bonsai refers to the method of making smaller, tree-shaped designs out of regular plants (so you could even shape one yourself, with lots of careful pruning and growing!). Bonsais are often used to add to the element of Feng Shui in a space, balancing out harsh lines and edges with the whimsically curved, rounded silhouette of a tiny-sized tree.


We can’t forget about the most famous plant associated with St. Patrick’s Day! The shamrock is known for its can’t-miss shape and associations with the Holy Trinity. Bring a bunch into your home to brighten up your space, and keep an eye out for any especially lucky four-leaf variations.

Whether you’re looking for ways to get the odds on your side—or simply surround yourself with lush, rich green plants—these additions are the way to do it! In the meantime, we wish you and your family a very happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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