Designing Curb Appeal with Fall Flair

Thu, Oct 05, 2017 at 5:21PM

Designing Curb Appeal with Fall Flair

If you’re looking for ways to bring new life into your home’s exterior, why not start this season? Beautiful fall colors and textures make the job easy… you just have to put them together!

Read on to see a few of our favorite ways to add fall flair to your front door and home exterior.

Switch out your fabrics

At this time of year, your home is probably swathed in luxuriously comfy fall fabrics: chunky-knit throw blankets, comfy flannel pillows, and more. But you can outfit your outdoor area in equally cozy fabrics! If you have a porch swing, bench, or other furniture, now is a great time to introduce thicker, fall-colored cushions that will be sure to stand out.

Make room for fall fun

Here in Florida, we can’t get enough of fun outdoors… especially when the weather’s clear and brisk! If your front porch is cluttered with old furniture or outdoor toys, clearing them away and laying out a small rug is a great way to welcome guests and be ready for impromptu chats with friends, morning coffee, and just about everything else.

Opt for classic touches

Of course, fall comes with its classic characters that we like to embrace in our exterior design. You can’t go wrong with a cluster of friendly-faced pumpkins at this time of year, or an owl wreath hanging from your front door.

Rethink your color scheme

Fall is also known for its warm, vibrant colors: rich reds, oranges, and golds permeate the visual landscape. You can add them to your space by adding a fresh coat of paint to your front door or simply adding a statement piece or two in the form of beautiful flowers or a vintage rocking chair.

Add an airy feel

Do you feel a breeze in the air? Reflect the brisk, airy nature of fall on your front porch! You can do this by adding a swinging seat for effortlessly easy relaxation, or perhaps some new wind chimes that will produce gentle tunes when the wind picks up.

Fall flair doesn’t just make your home feel cozy and fit for the season—it catches the eye of potential buyers, too! Whether you’re selling your home this season or simply want to create a comfy fall escape, we hope that these tips help you achieve it.

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