Mount Dora Homes: Staging Tips for Fall

Fri, Nov 20, 2015 at 10:50AM

The weather outside may be getting cooler, but the real estate market in your area may still be heating up. We know that home buying and selling doesn’t stop in the fall and winter months, so why should your staging efforts? While staging a home for sale is a good practice any time of the year, there are a few ways you can stage your home specifically for the fall. 

Try these ideas if you’re showing your home to potential buyers this season!

Focus on curb appeal.

Curb appeal is one of the most important parts of “staging” your home—no matter the season. This is because your home’s curb and front exterior are the first things potential buyers will see when visiting; you want them to fall in love before they even walk in the door!

How can you dress up your home’s exterior for fall? A simple but effective idea is to just keep everything neatly trimmed. This won’t just make your home’s trees and bushes look tidy—it will prevent litter from accumulating on the ground, “dirtying” your home in potential buyers’ eyes. Fall-themed exterior décor such as a pumpkin or two or an autumn wreath are subtle but clear ways to paint your home in a positive light for the season.

Add touches of fall.

You don’t need Halloween decorations or a pumpkin patch to add touches of fall to your home. Simple is the way to go! Add subtle touches of fall décor to your home such as warm colored throw blankets, candles or creative fall centerpieces. Your potential buyers will be better able to envision the home as a cozy place to spend the fall and holiday season—and you won’t have to spend a cent to make that happen.

Brighten up the space.

During the fall, days are shorter and many potential buyers are yearning for the long, sunny days of summer. Darkness on a potential buyer’s first visit can make them feel cramped and closed in. During the fall especially, be sure to keep blinds and curtains wide open and take advantage of artificial light when you need it. Unscented candles are great as elements of light, and won’t be too strong for buyers who may have aversions to certain scents.

Light a fire.

If you enjoy spending time in front of the fireplace during the fall and winter, you can bet that potential buyers will, too! Never underestimate the value of a fireplace in your home’s living space. Take advantage of this “hot” commodity by lighting your fire during a showing (or at least keeping wood stocked nearby to show that the fireplace is functional and well used). Florida homes are typically less likely to have a functional fireplace, so show yours off if you’ve got one!

Cover your bases.

Finally, it is important to cover your bases while staging your home for the fall (or any time of year, really!). Don’t assume that potential buyers won’t want to take a peek at every room of your home—even the bedrooms or kids’ space. Keep these spaces neat and tidy, and consider switching out more personal touches for more neutral décor pieces with a wide appeal. This will allow potential buyers to see themselves in your home.

Selling your home in the fall? The staging options for this season are endless! Be sure to consider a few of the above ideas to help your house feel like a “home” to every person who walks through your door.


Mount Dora Homes: Staging Tips for Fall

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