Lake County Homes: Shopping and Saving This Season

Fri, Nov 03, 2017 at 11:15AM

Lake County Homes: Shopping and Saving This Season

If a new home is at the top of your wish list this holiday season, you probably want to find the best deal possible!

While there may not be any Black Friday doorbuster deals on the home of your dreams (but wouldn’t it be nice if there were!), there are still many ways you can get the best price possible. And it all starts with having the right realtor on your team.

Take a look below for a few savings-savvy tips to follow on your quest for the perfect home.

Find the perfect place

This may not seem like a savings tip—after all, the “perfect place” isn’t always inexpensive! But when it comes to value, it can be helpful to go with your gut and always at least consider a home you’re interested in, even if calendars say it is a seller’s market or you should wait until the season changes. While those guidelines can help you understand the market a bit better, you never quite know when you’ll find the home of your dreams. So if you do think you’ve seen it, stop and see if it may work for you—this can prevent you from spending money on a home you don’t love quite as much down the road, just because you waited for the sake of waiting.

Be mindful about your credit

When you’re approaching the lending process, you can get a better rate by keeping your finances controlled and consistent in the months beforehand. Save those big splurges, new credit cards, and other changes for later on—this pre-approval process is all about capturing a sound financial picture.

Know where your money is going

Another simple tip is to work with your realtor to determine what might be making the home you’re interested in, more expensive. Many buyers don’t mind paying for lux features like pools, a gourmet kitchen, etc., but knowing the factors behind a home’s prices can help you determine where you want your dollars to go, saving you from investing in amenities you don’t quite need or want.

If you never ask, you’ll never know

When in doubt, just ask! Your realtor can help with negotiating a better price or terms (and can advise you as to whether or not certain figures/features are worth requesting). The one thing you don’t want to do is write off a great home, just because you assume it’s out of budget. By the end of the process, it might very well not be!

When you’ve found the home of your dreams, nothing could make it better… except a value that’s just as impressive! We hope that today’s blog helps you head into the home shopping process with confidence. And of course, for more tips and help along the way, we’ve got you covered! Just call our office today to get started.

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