Switching Schools: What to Remember When Relocating

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Fri, Sep 05, 2014 at 11:00AM

Whether you’re a new Mount Dora resident or are relocating to another district, transferring over school records is an important step in the moving process. Some of these records are required, while others (classwork, recommendations, etc.) are extra materials that will make switching schools easier on both student and teacher. Here’s what you should remember:

Examples of classroom work. You don’t need to take along every test, quiz, homework assignment or worksheet your child has ever submitted, but having a few of these on hand might enable new teachers to better work with your child.

Transcript. These are the “official” records of grades and test scores that a new school will want to see in order to gage a student’s performance at different levels. Ask for one at the old school’s guidance office.

You also might want to get a list of all the textbooks your child was using. Especially for long-distance moves, new teachers in new areas will be able to know what your child was learning and how to help them readjust.

Medical information. Your new school will probably ask for records on recent shots and, if need be, other possible issues. Pick these records up from the original school to avoid a hassle down the line.

Letters, letters, letters! Sometimes, there’s valuable information that can’t be chopped up into numbers and letter grades—this is where letters come in handy. Ask for one from teachers or guidance counselors that know your child best. If he or she was involved in clubs or sport teams at the old school, a letter from a sponsor or coach will help as well.

If your student is graduating soon, don’t forget to collect a few letters of recommendation from long-time teachers for college applications! They know your child best and would be best for answering questions about his or her performance and potential later on.


Switching Schools: What to Remember When Relocating

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