6 Signs a Neighborhood Is on the Rise

Fri, Aug 08, 2014 at 10:30AM

Housing market trends indicate that proven, prime real estate generally attracts more attention than areas undergoing change. However, change is not necessarily a negative, especially when you are looking to get value for a home. Here are some sure-fire signs of a pleasant neighborhood that may just contain bargains due to a period of transition. If the following six criteria are met, you are probably looking at a residential area on the upswing! Try keeping an eye out for the following signs if you are trying to assess Leesburg or Mount Dora homes for sale.

  1. Your potential neighbors keep their property and the area looking nice. Unkempt parts of a neighborhood can devalue the surrounding homes, so take note of tidiness.
  2. The area is not too noisy. Even the loveliest neighborhoods can be made unpleasant by nearby highways, railroads, or industry that can interrupt the peace with a loud racket.
  3. You would have important services nearby. Easily accessible schools, stores, doctors and recreational areas are of obvious importance and are signs of a prosperous town. Additionally, look for plans for more businesses and services in the area, as this sort of development means good things for your home’s stock.
  4. The houses there have a nice view. Given the choice, anybody would choose a home with a soothing, picturesque view of the local landscape. This preference shows in the market, too – homes with nice sights nearby can go for much more than those without.
  5. The neighborhood is safe for homeowners and far-removed from crime. It is a no-brainer that you should be looking for an area to live with low crime rates. Areas for safe housing have considerably more potential to develop into sought-after property in the long run.
  6. The neighborhood gets positive feedback from a real estate agent. These agents know better than almost anyone which neighborhoods are destined for great things, so inquire with them over the property you are considering.

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