Apopka Homes: 7 Signs of a Great Neighborhood

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Sun, Oct 04, 2015 at 12:10PM

Are you currently in the process of searching for your dream home? You probably already know what you’re looking for inside the home—spaciousness, new features, maybe room for a nursery or home office. But what about the neighborhood itself? We all know the importance of a good neighborhood—now here are seven specific things to look for to make sure you’ve found one!

Well-manicured front lawns

Your neighbors’ front lawns offer an easy peek at the quality of the neighborhood and how much (or how little) its occupants care for their community. Lawns don’t have to be perfectly pruned and extravagantly landscaped to make a “good” neighborhood (though these traits certainly don’t hurt!). Look for signs of care and regular maintenance, even in smaller homes. If you see that the grass is kept short and neat, and there are plenty of trees and flowers but not lots of plant litter, these are encouraging signs.

Active neighbors and playing children

When you visit your potential new neighborhood, keep an eye out for joggers, people walking their dogs, or kids playing in the street or sidewalks. Such activity can suggest that the neighborhood isn’t only livable and welcoming to outdoor enjoyment—it’s safe to live in! Adults wouldn’t like to spend too much time outdoors in an unsafe neighborhood, and they likely wouldn’t let their kids either. So if you see lots of outdoor activity, take it as a positive!

“Sold” signs

Did you spot a couple of “sold” signs on your way in? Great! More people moving into the neighborhood (as opposed to out of it) suggests that it is an area worth investing in.

A successful surrounding area

In addition to the neighborhood and homes themselves, be sure to observe the surrounding area and the success (or failure) of its retail and infrastructure. Is there a gourmet coffee shop around the corner, or do you see lots of closed down businesses? The first suggests a thriving community, while the second suggests a neighborhood on the downturn. Other things to watch out for include nighttime traffic and proximity to certain entertainment outlets like clubs or bars—while many new homeowners enjoy the closeness to entertainment, others prefer a quieter environment to live in. Know what you want so you know what to look for!


Sidewalks are so simple that they are often overlooked during an initial visit—but they shouldn’t be! The presence of sidewalks indicates that a neighborhood is welcoming to outdoor activity and pedestrians. This is especially important for joggers or families with children or pets who prefer having a safe space to walk.

Places of worship

A local church, synagogue or temple can be a positive sign, even if you aren’t particularly religious. The presence of places of worship suggests that the neighborhood is active and involved in creating a safe place for all of its residents—and that’s always good news!

Community involvement

Keep an eye out for signs of community involvement during your visit. Block party announcements or neighborhood get together flyers are often signs of an active, close-knit community. 

Purchasing a new home can seem intimidating at first—but when you know what you want (and how to recognize it in the neighborhood), you will have much more success. Call me today at 352-729-5597 if you’re looking to purchase a home a home in Apopka or nearby cities! 


Apopka Homes: 7 Signs of a Great Neighborhood

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