Central Florida Homes: Why Fall is a Great Time to Buy

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Tue, Oct 06, 2015 at 12:20PM

If you’ve been meaning to get out of your current place and buy a new home, this fall might just be the perfect time to do it. With the cooler months ahead of us, we’re looking at four reasons why now is the time to buy.


When it comes down to it, you want to purchase a home when it’s easy and convenient to do so. Fall is one such time, for a variety of reasons. For parents of school-aged children making local moves, the kids are already settled in school so making a weekend move won’t be too disruptive. Moving a little farther away? While a farther move will typically require a change of schools, it’s better to make the move now than later on in the year when a transfer requires more catching up.

For those who want to be settled in by the time the holidays roll around, a fall move is also beneficial. Buying a home and moving in during the early fall can make celebrating this holidays easier—by the time they’re here, you will already be moved in and ready to decorate!

Cooler weather

For Florida buyers, fall marks the beginning of a very welcome temperature cool down. If you have ever moved during the summer, you know how hot and uncomfortable that process can get. By making your move during the fall, you will be able to enjoy the weather and have a more comfortable experience.

Less competition

One of the biggest (and most important) reasons for buying a home in the fall? There’s much less competition from likeminded buyers! If you decide to buy a home, you likely won’t be competing with other similar buyers who want the same one (which can make the process extra stressful on all involved). Similarly, those selling their home during the fall are serious about making a sale—they want their home off the market just as much as you want to move into one. You may find more flexibility and ease from sellers when you buy during the fall season.

Easy home improvement

We would all love to move into a home that’s perfect and ready to enjoy—but, as you may know from experience, that isn’t always the case. Many times, buyers will have to go through quite a few renovations and home projects to get their new space up to par. What better time to take on a “fixer upper” than in the fall, when temperatures are lower and resources such as construction and cleaning are available at a lower price? Because the fall and winter months don’t see lots of home improvement activity, you may find that contractors and other services are more willing to work with you (and have more time to devote to your individual needs). If you need to make any necessary repairs, room additions or other fixes, you will be able to do so in time for the holidays—which, again, is a major consideration for many home buyers.

As you can see, fall is a great time to buy. Let’s get in touch so I can help you find your dream home this season!


Central Florida Homes: Why Fall is a Great Time to Buy

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