Making Your Home Feel Like New Again

Mon, Aug 01, 2016 at 9:25AM

Making Your Home Feel Like New Again

There’s something truly special about living in the same home for 10, 20, 30 years or more—it’s the feeling of yourself in that space, as well as your memories and unique tastes being preserved throughout the home.

Of course, a little change now and again doesn’t hurt, either! If you want to experience that “new home” feel without having to make a big move, here are a few fun ways to accomplish it.

Room addition

For a big—but equally impactful—change, consider adding a room to your home. It can be a sunroom, spare bedroom, or even a bathroom—make the decision based on your needs and current situation. This change will give you extra space if you need it, while still allowing you to experience that sense of newness, just on a somewhat smaller scale.


To make any room in your home feel like a completely new space, you can always remodel it. This might mean renovating your kitchen to make it more modern and functional, or turning your master bathroom into a luxurious spa-style getaway you love.

…or pick one area to change

Not interested in pursuing a full-scale renovation project? That’s okay—start small! Even select changes like switching out your counters, changing your cabinets or upgrading your flooring can make your familiar space feel like new again.

Enjoy a deep clean

Sometimes, all you need is a deep clean to make a room feel shiny and all new. Pick a “problem area” that’s always seemed to suffer from messes, then pay special attention to it: scrub the floors, clear out the cabinets and make room for new (but essential) items. You might be surprised at just how influential a deep clean can be!

Make a room switch

Feeling less than inspired in your home office or study? Consider switching it with another room in your home so that you can accustom yourself to an entirely new space. We often feel refreshed, excited and even inspired when moving into a new room, so this could be just the change you need.

Add new furniture

Think about whether you’re tired of the room itself, or just the furniture in it—in many cases, switching out old sofas and tables for newer, higher-quality pieces could be the breath of fresh air your space has been needing.

New needs and tastes may warrant big changes—but with this list of improvements, you’ll never have to move homes to make them. We hope that today’s blog has inspired you to make a change and experience that all-new feeling all over again.

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