Easter-Inspired Scavenger Hunt: A Family Fun Idea

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Mon, Feb 29, 2016 at 3:56PM

Are you looking for a way to put a fresh new twist on the traditional Easter egg hunt? Whether you need ideas for Easter Sunday or simply want a fun activity to enjoy on your next free weekend, we’ve got you covered. Below, we will be sharing our tips on how to best enjoy this exciting search-and-find adventure with your family from right at home.

Establish a prize ahead of time

The key objective of any scavenger hunt is, of course, the prize that’s waiting at the finish line! Figure out what yours will be ahead of time and work backward from there. The prize can be anything from a new toy to a gift card to a bag full of tasty treats—whatever you see fit depending on the extent of your scavenger hunt. You can also establish 2nd and 3rd place prizes for the other competitors, if applicable.

Get creative with your clues

When creating your scavenger hunt clues, feel free to get creative! Use family jokes, original poems or riddles to inspire participants to think and respond in creative ways. Scavenger hunts are all about the excitement behind discovery, and a big part of that lies in the “detective work” of your participants—so give them something to think about!

Include stops for fun

To avoid having your scavenger hunt become a rat race of sorts, be sure to include stops for fun and silliness. Where these stops will be, of course, depends on the scope of your scavenger hunt—if it’s a citywide event, have your participants stop and enjoy a treat at a local café or ice cream shop, for example. If you’re keeping the fun closer to home, special stops might include a playground obstacle course or hopscotch race—whatever you’ve got on hand to work with and make special.

Team up

Scavenger hunts ought to be a family affair! Unlike your traditional Easter egg hunt, encourage your participants to team up to pursue the hunt. This activity won’t just be a fun one—it will teach your children and other family members the value of team collaboration, too.

Capture the day with photos and videos

For proof of participation at key scavenger hunt stops—and, of course, to create tangible memories you’ll be able to cherish and look back on—have participants take photos or videos at every stop they make.

Reward the winners, but treat everyone to something special

When the hunt is finally completed, be sure to reward your winners with their prize—and then do something fun for the whole family! If you’re doing an Easter hunt, this might be a tasty traditional dinner. On any other day, it can be ice cream, pizza or something similar. Running around and solving clues is no small task, so be sure to celebrate the conclusion of the hunt in a special way.

We hope that your family hunt leads to a fun memory you cherish forever. Let us know if you plan on trying it, or if you have your own favorite Easter memories with family!

Easter-Inspired Scavenger Hunt: A Family Fun Idea

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