5 Fresh Ways to Tackle Spring Cleaning

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Mon, Feb 29, 2016 at 3:56PM

With the month of March finally upon us, you may be thinking about how best to complete your spring cleaning for the season. But if the mere words “spring cleaning” scare you, don’t worry—there are better, easier ways to tackle the project than you might have expected! In today’s blog, we will be sharing five fresh ways to tackle this age-old project with ease.

Take it day by day

Who says all of your spring cleaning has to take place over one weekend? While it’s certainly tempting to do it all at once, this may not work for everyone—and that’s okay! Another, perhaps less daunting way to tackle spring cleaning is to take it day by day. Starting today, aim to clean up or improve at least one area of your home. This might be anything from your overstuffed hall closet to the children’s bathroom that needs a good scrub. The goal is that, by the end of a time period (of a week or two weeks, for example), your home will be spick and span—and you will not have had to spend one or two tedious days doing it!

Switch up your motivations

When tackling busy areas like bedroom closets or garage storage, we often face the difficult question of what to keep—and where to put it all! This is undoubtedly a difficult task to carry out. But instead of going into the process asking yourself what to keep, consider going in with a new motivation—a motivation to give away “x” amount of clothes to needy families, for example. By doing this, you may be more inclined to part with the items you no longer need… and by assigning your cleaning task a more meaningful goal, you may be inspired to get it done faster.

Make tedious tasks more fun

It may seem difficult to turn tedious tasks into fun activities, but it can be done! When cleaning out your fridge or pantry, for example, invite your family to claim or munch on their favorite snacks that will soon be expired or thrown away. You can also easily balance out the work and time spent cleaning up by heading to a fun family activity—like a movie or favorite restaurant—to encourage everyone to get the job done faster and in better spirits.

Clean and purify the air in your home

When it comes to “fresh” spring cleaning, few tasks are as important (or impactful) as purifying the air in your home. Consider switching to gentler cleaning supplies (or perhaps make your own at home) to make your home’s air a little more breathable. For during the process and following it, you may want to pick up an air purifier to help accomplish this.

Reward yourself (and your home) with the gift of new organization

Spring cleaning is a time when many of us discover the faults in our current organizational systems. If you find that this happens to you, resolve to reward yourself and your home with newer, better organization solutions following your spring cleaning. You will have a clear and easy place to put everything you decide to keep, and can relax knowing that next year’s spring cleaning will be at least a little more pleasant thanks to your new organization.

Are you ready to tackle your spring cleaning? By following these five ideas, it should be a much quicker, more efficient process—leaving you more time to soak up the springtime sun or spend time with family.

5 Fresh Ways to Tackle Spring Cleaning

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