Apopka Homes For Sale - Getting More Out of Your Guest Room

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Mon, Jan 20, 2014 at 11:00AM

If you’re lucky enough to have a guest room in your house, you know how helpful it can be when friends and family come to visit. Visitors feel welcome, and you don’t have the stress of maintaining a makeshift bed with the living room couch. But what about everyday use? If you’re not using your guest room as often as you have guests over, it may be wasted space.

What do you feel you need in your home? A guest room is a given, but have you ever wanted a game room, or a home office? What about a home theater? These things are easily attainable without sacrificing the room family and friends use when they stay over.

The key to having a multipurpose room is using multipurpose furniture and décor. This can mean a sofa bed or futon for sleeping arrangements; if no one is sleeping in the room regularly, placing a queen-sized bed at the center isn’t necessary.

On the same note, visit a local furniture store to get ideas for what you might want in this new room. Whether you’re using it for a game suite or a computer room, opting for modular or flexible furniture is a safe bet if the room will serve multiple purposes. Ottomans that double as side tables with hidden storage, for example, are great for rooms that are slept in at night and entertained in during the day.

Whatever you choose to make your brand-new room out to be, try to keep it neutral for whatever guests may come over, or whatever new ventures you decide to try. You may want a home theater now, but avoid big-budget projects that limit the use of your spare room down the road.

Apopka Homes For Sale - Getting More Out of Your Guest Room

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