Mount Dora Homes - Making the Most Out of a Small Space

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Fri, Jan 17, 2014 at 3:05PM

Maybe you have a new place to call home in Mount Dora this year, or just want to spruce up the one you have. It’s always a good time to redecorate, and the New Year gives you the perfect excuse to do just that. But in a time of renewal and renovation—just how much can you change in your home’s smaller spaces?

If you’re careful, you can make a big impact on a small room.

During the actual redecoration process, it’s important to keep in mind the flow of your home. Of course you know by now that having a small space you don’t know what to do with can make you feel a bit cramped—but even a simple moving-around of furniture can open up what used to be a tight and dull space. Don’t be intimidated by big furniture—the right pieces can add some personality to your room, which is just as hard to achieve as movability in small nooks and corners. For example, a simple sofa may do your room better than two small armchairs, making the space seem unified and clean.

If you’re shopping around for new furniture or décor, stick to similarly-themed pieces. Mismatched furniture may not seem as boisterous in a large setting, but up close and pushed together this can create disarray. Consider adding a mirror (simple or decorative) to open up your space, and window treatments that can easily be pulled back to reveal natural light.

If you’re frustrated with the lack of storage space in your room, don’t be afraid to build up! Take advantage of wall space, and install vertical shelving (floating shelves take up minimal space and make the room look very clean). Grab a few decorative ottomans that can double as storage for blankets, magazines, accessories, wires—anything you need put away, you can do it in style.

When you’re all settled, try to keep the room as clean as possible. It’s a no-brainer, but a little mess in a bigger room can seem like a lot more when it’s in a smaller one. Letting in natural light will help open up the space as well. By following these simple steps, you can turn your seemingly small room into a light and relaxing sanctuary.

Mount Dora Homes - Making the Most Out of a Small Space

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