What Interior Design Style Fits You Best?

Fri, May 30, 2014 at 12:05PM

You’ve heard it dozens of times—the most important factor in real estate is location, location, location. There’s no disputing that fact, but even here in your Central Florida home you can still add a new “location” to your home—through the use of interior design styles! Check out this handy guide to see which style best suits you.

Coastal. You don’t need to live on the beach to appreciate this style. Characterized by bright, open rooms, airy window dressings and blue and beige accents, the coastal-style home is one that celebrates the beach lifestyle and a laidback atmosphere. It’s paired with nautical stripes and ocean-inspired accessories, like lighthouses, boats and waves.

Country charm. It’s not your stereotypical farmhouse, here! Country design combines whites with wood and muted colors to give off a homey feel. Floral and striped patterns also have their place, whether on accent pillows or seat cushions. They key to this style is a comfortable, casual design.

Rustic. This is a cousin of country’s—except instead of bright wood paneling and colorful patterns, it’s all about dark wood and natural stone, for a rugged but classic look. Houses with rustic design in mind will often feature accent walls made completely of stone, large, dark sofas and tables, and natural countertops instead of stark, streamlined ones.

Modern/minimalist. Think clean lines, minimal decoration, and a focus on geometric design. Modern furniture will have less decorative details and less curves, and a neutral color scheme allows bright splashes of color only in a few spots. Don’t think the modern look is completely devoid of character, however. Modern design is great for highlighting unique shapes and fun geometric patterns.

Traditional. The traditional style favors order and “tame” color schemes—no bright, funky lamps or flashy accent walls here. It includes a wide variety of patterns—dots, stripes, plaid, paisley, floral, etc.—and encourages the various elements of a room to match.

Transitional. It’s not the old-fashioned elegance of traditional design, nor is it the clean lines and minimal color of contemporary. The transitional style offers the best of both worlds, and is popular in many family rooms for that exact reason. Some pieces are more minimal so as to not detract from the brightness or business of others, and a wide range of colors is featured on the walls (often as accents!). Leather is especially popular here.

Mediterranean. This look is inspired by travels to Italy, Spain, and Greece, and includes a collection of vibrant patterns (in colors like terracotta and purple especially) against a warm background. Mixing is encouraged here. Furniture isn’t large and flashy—rather, it’s often close to the ground, and lets the accents do the talking.

Remember, none of these styles has to be absolute. Try bits and pieces of what you like best to find a look that is uniquely you!

What Interior Design Style Fits You Best?

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