Valentine’s Day: Loving your Mount Dora Home

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Tue, Feb 03, 2015 at 9:55AM

February is upon us, which means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Are you stumped for ideas on how to spread the love this year? Well, why not start with your house? We’ve got a few ways you can show some love to your Mount Dora home this year:

Plant a garden

Gardening isn’t just a practical task that beautifies your home; it also makes you feel great while doing it! Invest some time in gardening to make your home look fresh and pretty; you’ll get the satisfaction a job well done and a year-round piece of art in your very own front yard!

Fill the home with great smells

There’s little more relaxing than a sweet, soft scent combined with a freshly-cleaned home. The feeling of coziness and tranquility is worth keeping up the entire year! You can stick to traditional candles and plug-in air fresheners, or try an oil diffuser that will burn a steadier, more lasting scent throughout the day.

Let your artistic side show

We all appreciate a good piece of wall art or a nice decorative sculpture—show your home some love by picking up something to beautify it! You can even get the kids involved and try handmade paintings; no matter the medium, your home’s walls can always benefit from a nice pop of color.

Try a fresh coat of paint

When all else fails, sometimes the easiest way to lift up a home’s look is by simply adding a fresh coat of paint. Whether you’re changing a room’s color scheme or repainting a slightly dingy wall, a fresh coat can help brighten up a space without requiring too much of an effort.

We want to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day… and if a new home is what you’d really love this year, we can help with that, too. Give me a call today!


Valentine’s Day: Loving your Mount Dora Home

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