5 Projects to Ring in Spring

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Sun, Mar 01, 2015 at 10:50AM

The sun is brighter, the temperatures higher and the grass greener… it’s finally springtime, the time to enjoy great weather and jump into those big projects that need attention. While many of us hear the words “spring cleaning” and groan, this time of the year can be good for your home in more ways than one… why not embark on a home renovation project that you’ll be able to enjoy all year round?

Here are five projects you might want to consider in your own home—while they vary in price and effort, they’re all surefire ways to add comfort, style and value to your property.

Convert a room: Are you wondering what to do with your spare space? It’s a popular option to turn an extra room into a multipurpose guest suite, but there’s no limit to what you’re able to create with four walls and some imagination. You can turn it into a home office or kid’s playroom with the simple addition of some new furniture; for a larger-scale project that will add permanent value to your home, a home theater is also a sure way to entertain your family and friends.

Build and expand: If you have space for some small-scale construction in your budget, adding square footage to an exterior room or putting up a wall between two sides of one “great room” can make a big difference in your home’s listing when it comes time for sale. Until then, you’ll be able to more adequately accommodate changing needs with more rooms and room space to work with!

Room addition: Whether it’s a sun room or room addition, these porch-like rooms add square footage to your home and help protect you and your guests from rain and stormy weather—just sit outside and watch the show in the sky!

Smarter windows: With the start of the wet season approaching, we’re likely going to see more severe weather here and there—not to mention Hurricane Season’s beginning in summer! Make your project a protective one and install modern, resilient impact windows to get yourself ready for storms down the line.

Pool, deck and outdoor fun: This spring, make it a point to spend more time with your family and friends outside of the home itself! A custom pool and deck seem great for spring and summer, but over time, they’ll also become great additions to your home’s basis of entertainment!

5 Projects to Ring in Spring

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