Saint Patrick’s Day Décor: 8 Ways to Color Your Home Green

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Mon, Feb 29, 2016 at 3:55PM

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! To get in the spirit and add a bit of luck to your day, decking your home out in green décor can be a great (and fun) way to celebrate. In today’s blog, we will be looking at eight easy ways to color your home green.

Who knows? You might decide to stick with your décor choices throughout the year!

Add house plants to your home for an inspirational touch

House plants have always been praised for their ability to brighten spirits, inspire creativity, and freshen up the air in your home—and they look great, too! The right house plant can be the perfect addition to your living space, so consider adding one this March.

Improve your office or study room

Green is a color that sparks mental clarity and fresh thoughts, so it’s no wonder many people use it in their home office or study space. Consider making the change yourself for a workspace that’s as bright and thoughtful as you are!

Paint a neutral kid’s space

If you’re looking for a more neutral alternative to the typical pinks and blues used in kids’ rooms, why not opt for a green look? A green room can come in many different shades—from forest to pastel—and works for little boys and girls alike.

Add earthiness to your kitchen or dining room

Green is one of the ultimate “earthy” colors, so it makes sense to add a touch of green to your kitchen or dining space for a natural and wholesome atmosphere.

Decorate with nature-inspired wall art

When it comes to wall art, sweeping landscapes, forest scenes, plants and other nature-inspired pieces work well in virtually any room… and they all contain a bit of green! Wall art is an easy and natural way to add a touch of green color to your everyday living spaces or bedroom.

Add a more livable pop of color with chartreuse

We all want to be adventurous and add a pop of bold color to our homes—but extremes like bright yellow or lime green can be a lot for the eye to take in. For a slightly subtler (but just as unique) pop of color, opt for a nice shade of chartreuse green as a color for your accent wall, cabinet, pillow, etc.

Use green tiles in your kitchen or bathroom

Green mosaic tiles can be added to your kitchen backsplash or bathroom for a lux, nature-inspired design.

Keep your neutral walls neutral using a light muted green

Hoping to achieve a neutral look without going completely white? A very light, muted green is an easy way to accomplish this. You will be able to enjoy a bit of color without having to sacrifice the cool, neutral feel you love.

Which of these green décor ideas are you planning on trying this March?  Be sure to let us know below!

Saint Patrick’s Day Décor: 8 Ways to Color Your Home Green

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