Mount Dora Homes: Choosing the Perfect Patio Furniture

Sun, Jun 26, 2016 at 11:05AM

As we swing into summertime, you may be looking for ways to update your outdoor space for fun and entertainment—and finding the perfect patio furniture is the place to start. In today’s blog, we will be sharing our best tips for tackling the not-always-easy task of furniture shopping for the patio of your dreams.


Envision your perfect patio

The first step in achieving your perfect patio is knowing what it should look like—and that’s entirely up to you! If your current patio space isn’t serving you well, think about what changes you would make to fix that. Are you hoping to create a bona fide outdoor dining room, for example, or a simple place to kick back? Do you plan to entertain very often, or is lounging poolside with the family more your idea of fun? These questions will help you to determine the kind of furniture you should be shopping for.

Now is also the time to take measurements of your outdoor space and current furniture, so that you can have a firm idea of what will work (or won’t work) while you shop.

Shop around

 Don’t feel the need to settle for the first or most convenient option when shopping for patio furniture. If this is a space you want to utilize more, it should be filled with furniture that you and your family truly love—so take your time! Try out different pieces and see what you like the best.

When possible, spring for doubly-functional pieces

Hidden storage is always a plus, so search for furniture pieces that double as outdoor organizers when possible. These can be tables with open-and-close lids, ottomans with room for towel storage, and more.

Keep color in mind…

Your outdoor space should be just as beautifully designed as your indoor space! Take your time in deciding on color options and look for furniture that blends well with the rest of your outdoor space.

…and comfort, too

Even if you decide on a wrought iron café chair-and-table set, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort. Always be sure that, no matter what pieces you pick out, you can envision yourself comfortably and peacefully using them. If that means picking up cushions or other items to make you furniture more enjoyable, then be sure to do that.

Invest in quality pieces

Too often, we pick out patio furniture that just doesn’t last. If you want to make your patio space as enjoyable as your indoor space is, pick out pieces made with materials that will last through many summers’ worth of sunlight and unpredictable weather. You’ll be glad that you did later on!


We hope that these ideas help you on your search for patio furniture that suits your family’s lifestyle!

Mount Dora Homes: Choosing the Perfect Patio Furniture

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