Leftover Ideas: 5 Easy Ideas for a Delicious Round 2

Mon, Oct 31, 2016 at 5:18PM

Leftover Ideas: 5 Easy Ideas for a Delicious Round 2

When it comes to Thanksgiving, there’s only one thing as good as the meal itself—the endless leftovers you have when it’s finished!

Of course, for some, these leftovers present a tricky dilemma—especially when there’s not much fridge or pantry space to spare. But don’t fret—in today’s blog, we’re sharing five of our favorite uses for leftover foods from your Thanksgiving meal.

Make the ultimate sandwich

One of the most timeless ways to put your Thanksgiving leftovers to use is, of course, to bundle them up into a satisfying sandwich. We’ve included this pick on our list because there is no limit to how you can craft your “sandwich of the season”—you can go the traditional route, and pile lettuce, gravy and even a bit of mashed potatoes onto roasted turkey and whole wheat bread. You can also shred your leftover turkey and mix it into a tasty turkey salad, which can be scooped onto rolls for easy enjoyment by all.

Fry up new, inventive creations

Almost anything you enjoy on Thanksgiving Day can be fried up the day after for instantly satisfying snacks. Some of the most popular choices include fried mashed potatoes, mac and cheese balls, or green beans.

Craft turkey noodle soup that’s sure to satisfy

The cooler, crisper weather makes us feel like unwinding with a warm, comfort food classic. Tukey noodle soup is just as delicious as its chicken counterpart, and you can load yours up with lots of the foods you enjoyed on Thanksgiving—from peas to carrots to dollops of your mashed potatoes.

Turn a hollowed-out pumpkin into a novel décor piece

This leftover idea may not be edible, but it’s sure to impress. If you used real pumpkin for your homemade pumpkin pie, save the pumpkin (minus the “guts” and filling) and use it as a temporary vase for a bouquet of fresh flowers! You might only use this arrangement for a short while, but it’s a fun way to usher in the season and “wow” friends and family with a truly unique idea.

To make your pumpkin more conducive to water and flowers, don’t put them directly into the pumpkin—instead, add an old tin (from a sauce container, for example) and put the water into that. You won’t see the tin from the outside—it will look like a bunch of fresh flowers suddenly sprung out of the pumpkin!

Donate unopened items

Finally, a meaningful way to give back this season. If you find that you purchased one too many cans of beans, corn or just about anything else, don’t hesitate to bundle it into a basket and bring it to your local charity or food bank, or search for local food drives going on in your area.

Whether they help you enjoy a new treat, or do some good, we hope that these ideas serve you well this season.

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