Season of the Snowbirds: How Seasonal Visitors Help Shape Central Florida

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Fri, Oct 03, 2014 at 2:25PM

Halloween spent in shorts, Christmas by the pool… there’s a reason why the Florida lifestyle is so popular, especially during the fall and winter when our northern neighbors flock down south to escape chilly temperatures. These “snowbirds” are a characteristic part of Central Florida culture and help make our communities what they are.

Every year, from anywhere around October to December, hordes of seasonal travelers come down to Florida—maybe you know a few. Maybe you’re on yourself! Some estimates place the total amount of fall and winter residents at around one million. But what is the average snowbird seeking in paradise?

That seems pretty simple; theme parks, white sand beaches, small-town charm without the up-north chill. There are golf courses and plenty of flat land for recreational bicyclists, forests and wooden areas for hikers and no shortage of entertainment hot spots.

The average snowbird is retired or has job mobility—that is, they’re able to move around seasonally without sacrificing their work. Families typically don’t stay too long, if they do come down south for their winter vacations, because the need for younger kids to stay in school. No matter who they are, our neighbors from up north aren’t the only ones benefiting from the Florida lifestyle—they help us, too!

BMO Financial Group reported in 2013 that over 500,000 Canadians (a big group of snowbird travelers) own property in Florida, helping to maintain good property values and contributing to communities in a positive way. They stimulate local businesses in what could be considered “dry spells” for other types of tourism… so they’re definitely worth some recognition!

Are you living in Florida for the cooler months, or would like to try to the lifestyle? Let us know down below!

Season of the Snowbirds: How Seasonal Visitors Help Shape Central Florida

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