Mount Dora Homes: Beating Summertime Boredom

Fri, Jul 24, 2015 at 2:09PM

Summer is finally upon us here in Central Florida! That’s great news for those of us looking for some time off with the family or the chance to finish that big backyard project. But with the kids out of school, there are bound to be those days when boredom inevitably strikes. Should that happen, consider one of these ideas for easy-to-do fun.

Go for a swim. One of the best parts of living in Central Florida is the ability to go swimming in your very own backyard pool. Kids and adults alike can spend hours in the water, lounging on floats or swimming with friends. Add an outdoor speaker to your patio to make it a real party!

Don’t have a pool—or need some work done on your current one before it’s ready for use? Get in touch with your local pool designer to get yours started!

Take a day trip. Apopka and its surrounding cities are prime tourist destinations—and we’re lucky enough to live here. Take a day trip to a neighboring town or enjoy one of our one thousand plus named lakes by going fishing or boating. Here, you’re never far from a natural excursion worth remembering.

Visit a library. Is it a rainy day? There are bound to be a few such days over the course of a traditional Florida summer! Visit one of our great libraries with the kids for some relaxing reading time or to check out books for summer reading assignments. Going alone? Bring your laptop and a cup of coffee and you’re set—your local library might be the best place around to get work done in a quiet, comfy environment.

Do arts, crafts and games. Young kids especially may get restless when their days are suddenly free this summer—help structure their time while still having fun by doing arts and crafts together. Whether it’s a finger paint project or board game, you might find that the simplest activities are the most meaningful.

Go shopping. If you have older kids or want a day out on your own, heading to a nearby outlet mall or shopping plaza can be a fun way to spend a summer afternoon—in and outside of the Orlando area especially, we know there is no shortage of such spots!

Have a movie day in. You probably spent a lot of time and money on your home’s family room or home theater—take advantage of it this summer by hosting family movie days or nights in! Get the popcorn, drinks and pillows ready and relax. While outdoor time is important, this activity can be great after a day outside or on stormy afternoons.

Tackle small projects. If you’ve been meaning to weed the garden, tidy up the garage or tackle another small project, a lazy summer afternoon might be the perfect time to do it. You may not love the idea of taking on a new task during your time off, but once you’re done, you’ll be glad you did!

Pick up something new for the home. Home improvement is a constant process. This summer, be on the lookout for new pieces of art or decorations to add to your home.

Mount Dora Homes: Beating Summertime Boredom

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