Mount Dora Homes - Staging a Home for Sale

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Wed, Feb 12, 2014 at 1:25PM

Maybe your Mount Dora home is up for sale and ready to show, or maybe you’re still in the preliminary phase. But no matter where you are in the home-selling process, it’s never too early to think about how to stage your home. When done right, staging can attract more serious buyers and help shoppers better envision themselves in your home.

Think about what small changes can make a big last-minute difference. If you’re ready to show, then remodeling your kitchen or bathroom probably won’t be the best course of action. But check around for loose doorknobs, missing kitchen hardware, anything that can be replaced or fixed for a low cost. These things not only improve functionality, but they dramatically improve the impression shoppers get upon entering your home.

Now you’re down to the final steps of the home-prepping process: taking the “you” out of your home. It can seem a bit sad, but removing overly-personal touches (bold paintings, dramatic conceptual furniture, etc.) can be key in attracting serious shoppers. But neutral doesn’t have to mean drab—just create a palette for any potential buyer’s own tastes to take shape. If you can’t envision anyone else in your house, why would they be able to?

Staging your “palette” is simple. In bedrooms, unisex colors are always a safe bet when you don’t know who’s considering your home. Most of the staging process won’t include large purchases, and none of your purchase will go to waste when sale time comes along. Consider buying comforters for a guest bedroom, new pillows for your sofa, and window treatments that let in a lot of light. You may enjoy blackout curtains, but a potential buyer can better appreciate the features of a home if adequate amounts of light are getting in.

Be careful not to neglect any piece of your home. Covering guest rooms, living space and bathrooms is easy enough, but don’t forget about your porch, or your deck, or your patio that doubles as an outdoor dining room! Even if you never got much use out of these “bonus” spaces, buyers are looking for whatever extras they can get in a home. If yours comes with these, let them show. Furnish your patio if you haven’t already with tables and chairs that will catch a buyer’s eye.

Mount Dora Homes - Staging a Home for Sale

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