Color Geography 101

Wed, Jan 03, 2018 at 10:24AM

Color Geography 101

How far did your favorite paint color travel—just to wind up on your walls?

Behind every color is a story—and, often, a destination. We name many colors based on the cities and countries that inspire their unique look, the perfect blend that embodies the spirit, style or culture of a beautiful place.

Are you wondering about the locales that inspired your favorite colors? Read on as we embark on a journey of hues from across the globe.


This deep, red-purple color is a favorite in dining rooms, bedrooms, and any place where you crave a bit of visual drama. It’s impossible to not feel the rich, luxurious sense this shade provides… but where did it come from in the first place?

As it turns out, Burgundy owes its name to a region in France. It’s where the famous dry, red “Burgundy wines” come from—so it’s easy to see where the inspiration struck for this wine-like shade!

Canary yellow

The warm, cheery shade of Canary yellow naturally comes from the songbird of the same name. It’s a popular “pop” of color for any place where you crave a bright, playful feel.

While Canary may refer to the animal itself, however, the bird is named for its natural habitat, The Canary Islands, and not the other way around. Interestingly enough, these beautiful Spanish islands get their own name from the Latin “Canariae Insulae,” or Islands of the Dogs. When you opt for a color like this, you’re sure to feel instantly transported to the bright, laidback Canary Islands west of the Mediterranean—a great choice for those in search of a sunny, tropical-inspired atmosphere.

Flamingo pink

Another animal-based name, flamingo pink is instantly recognizable as a bright, warm-toned hue perfect for accent walls and statement pieces. Since flamingos are perhaps best associated with the Caribbean, you can’t help but feel like you’re on an island vacation when you gaze at this vivid hue.


Turquoise, the intriguing blend of blue and green, naturally earned its name from the beloved mineral. But how did that stone get the name “turquoise,” anyway? As it turns out, it comes from the French word for Turkish (“turquois”) because that’s where the mineral first arrived to Europe from!

Caribbean blue

Who can get enough of this bright, dreamy blue? Its origins are as clear as the water itself—this color is based on the tropical stretch of sea that surrounds Aruba, Jamaica, and all those other island hotspots. It’s a surefire way to add a laidback, tropical feel to your space—one that lets you enjoy a vacation mindset all year long.

Of course, destination-inspired colors aren’t limited to the labels in the paint aisle. You can find inspiration just about anywhere you go—whether it’s the rich greens of your favorite park, or the dazzling cool blue of your backyard pool. Pull design inspiration from the things and places you love most for a home that’s truly “you.”

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