3 Reasons Why Tavares Is A Great Place To Call Home

Wed, Apr 28, 2021 at 4:36PM

3 Reasons Why Tavares Is A Great Place To Call Home

Tavares, Florida is full of charming qualities and unique attributes, and our Mount Dora real estate experts agree that is is a great place to live! No matter your lifestyle, there is something everyone can enjoy and appreciate in this vibrant city. While there are certainly more than 3 reasons why Tavares is a great place to call home, read on for some of the highlights!


It Offers A Rich History

Tavares was established in 1880 by a newspaper and railroad man from a Creole family in New Orleans. The new town quickly grew into a lively one by 1883 with the additions of a post office, stores, hotel, cottages and a sawmill. What was once intended as a tourist destination, soon grew into a railroad and industrial center. The city’s history is full of ups and downs – from fires to freezes – but if one thing is for certain, the city is absolutely resilient!


It’s America’s Seaplane City

Because Tavares is nestled on the west side of Lake Dora, boating and seaplanes are an essential attribute to the city’s ambiance! Adjacent to the city’s Tavares Pavilion on the Lake where you can often see seaplanes cruise by, there is also a Seaplane Marina. The Tavares Seaplane Base helps give Tavares its signature nickname as a city-owned, public-use popular destination and base!


Its Homes Are Perfect For Any Family

There’s nothing quite like the allure of a Tavares home! Homes in Tavares, Fl offer a variety of options for whatever your lifestyle. Whether you prefer a family home on the water or something closer to the charming downtown, these homes are the perfect fit for any family. Plus, our Tavares real estate experts are extremely well-versed in the Tavares market and lifestyle and would be ecstatic to help you find your next home sweet home in this beautiful city!


Tavares is a wonderful place to call home for more reasons than one. With breathtaking water views to exciting quirks, Tavares has its own personality that has mesmerized Floridians for centuries. Whether it’s the rich history, seaplane allure, charming homes, or anything in between, your family is sure to find the perfect fit here in Tavares. Discover Tavares homes for sale on our website with ease and contact our agents today to get your adventure started!


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