Why You Should Start a Springtime Garden

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Thu, Mar 19, 2015 at 10:55AM

As much as Floridians might like a break from the warm weather, we definitely are excited to see it slowly starting to come back again! This time of year is perfect for afternoon barbecues, get-togethers with friends, exciting around-the-house projects and, of course, the pursuit of one of the most time-honored springtime traditions: the start of a fresh new garden.

Some see Florida as a year-round tropical oasis—and while that’s true for the most part, even perennial plants can risk damage or stunted growth in cooler weather. When the weather starts to warm up, we’re able to see brighter green grass, more vibrantly-colored flowers, and more productive backyard vegetable gardens. In honor of the changing of seasons, we’ve put together a few reasons why every Floridian could benefit from starting a garden this spring:

Beautification: The pursuit of a beautiful front lawn is what drives many first-timers to try out gardening. Who wouldn’t want a luscious, green landscape or poolside oasis to make their home a focal point for neighbors, friends and family to appreciate every time they stop by? As homeowners, we know that an attractive outdoors is as important to a beautiful home as a well-kept indoors; as buyers and sellers, we know the importance even a small, neat garden can have on the sale of a home.

Remember… while they may start a garden for the looks, most long-time gardeners end up getting some very tangible benefits from the activity!

Healthy eating: Today, it doesn’t just matter how many calories are in your foods; it matters where your food comes from, too! Grow your own healthy fruits and vegetables and bask in the feeling of achievement that comes with it; the added freshness and nutrients are just a bonus!

Stress relief: Our surroundings can either impact us positively or negatively; by starting a garden this spring, you’re making the decision to surround yourself and your family with natural beauty. The stress relief and feeling of calmness that comes with even a few minutes in a backyard garden is priceless.

Family involvement: Do you and your family ever fret over finding activities to do together? You don’t need to drive far to find one—start with a garden! Instill in your kids the sense of pride that goes along with a job well done, and enjoy the activity together.

Why You Should Start a Springtime Garden

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