The Perfect Vacation is on the Market

Mon, Jun 05, 2017 at 11:55AM

The Perfect Vacation is on the Market

When it comes to vacations, there are more accommodation options today than ever before. You can check into a hotel just as easily as you can find a cozy home or room to rent from your phone—but what if you want something a little more permanent?

The answer might be found in a vacation home you can call your own. In today’s blog, we’re going over some of the sweetest perks of making a second home in sunny Central Florida. Take a look!


Vacations are meant to be cool, calm, stress-free and easy to enjoy—but if your trips are, well, just about anything but, you’re not alone! The task of booking your hotel on just the right dates, renting a car, or even familiarizing yourself with your destination can be daunting.

While owning a vacation home won’t necessarily make “getting there” any easier, it will ensure that you have a great, dependable place to get to. One that, after a long day of traveling, you can unwind in or recharge; where you can put together a home-cooked meal instead of ordering takeout; where you can be greeted by bona fide friends and neighbors, not just a front desk or concierge. It’s a new kind of vacation, one you can count on to be comfortable and welcoming every time you take it.

All-season opportunities

If you’ve been to Florida on vacation, you know that hotel rates can soar, especially during peak travel seasons like the summertime. Having a vacation home of your own means that you can easily come down for some sun, warmth, and off-time whenever you want, including the bustling summer months if that’s your style! You won’t ever have to worry about finding a place to stay.

Additional income

Many vacation home owners opt to rent out their space when it’s not in use. This is an especially lucrative idea if you prefer taking trips at one time of the year (the summer or the holidays, for example), leaving your second home vacant for the rest of the time.

Your taxes, simplified

With our year-round warmth and sunshine, you probably don’t need another reason to consider Florida as your vacation home destination—but here’s one anyway. Florida happens to be one of a handful of states that don’t have a state income tax, which is a financial perk you’re sure to enjoy while living here.

A foundation for family memories

Looking for a chance to build long-lasting family memories? A vacation home is one great way to do that. Unlike a hotel or other rental, a home is yours to keep and cherish… and maybe even pass down to your children and grandchildren so that they can continue the tradition long into the future.

Feeling stuck on your search for a Central Florida vacation home? Or are you wondering where to get started? No matter where you are in the process, call our office today to see how we can help!

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