Finding Your Dream Home

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Mon, Feb 01, 2016 at 4:09PM

Every hopeful soon-to-be homeowner has a vision of their “dream home” in mind. Whether that’s a home they would like to retire in, or one where they hope to start a family, knowing how to find it can be a tall order. In today’s blog, we hope to show you what things to look for in your dream home—and how finding one might be easier than you think.

No matter your interests—whether you love spending time outdoors or prefer to live a neat and minimalist lifestyle—your dream home has the following qualities:

It evokes an emotional response

If you’re searching for a dream home, don’t settle for anything less than spectacular! Even if you notice flaws or areas for improvement upon your first visit, you should feel an emotional connection to the home. Whether you’re drawn to the home’s structure, great layout, charming character or something you just can’t put your finger on, your dream home should produce a true “wow” feeling you can’t ignore.

It’s in a location you love

Location is truly one of the most important aspects of your perfect home—because while you can, with some time and effort, change a lot about a home, you can’t change the neighborhood, culture, nearby schools, etc. (even though you might like to!). Put some serious consideration into where you want to settle down, since this home and the surrounding community should be one you love coming back to and enjoying every day.

Remember, different people are drawn to different locations. It’s only natural! Don’t feel the need to move to a specific neighborhood or community just because it’s the one all your friends love and recommend. Your home’s location speaks to you and your interests, so make sure it’s a great one. (Fortunately, here in Central Florida, there’s no shortage of spectacular neighborhoods for every type of homeowner.)

It suits you and your family’s needs…

A dream home suits you and your family’s needs and interests first and foremost. If you have a big family and need lots of bedrooms, or simply crave large backyards for fun and entertaining, these are the factors you shouldn’t budge on. Smaller details like flooring, paint, materials and appliances can always be swapped out, so try not to let these factors detract from the big picture when possible.

…or can be fixed up to do so

If you love a home but it just doesn’t have the modern kitchen you were looking for, or has a big backyard but no pool, take some time to think—are these things you can fix on your own later on? If so, and you love everything else about the house, you might have stumbled upon your potential dream home—even if it needs a bit of TLC to get there!

Did our dream home checklist give you a better idea of what to look for? If you know what you’re looking for, and just need some help finding it, we’re here for you—call the office today at 352-729-5597 to get started on the search for the home of your dreams.

Finding Your Dream Home

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