Central Florida Homeowners: Gift Ideas for Every Type

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Mon, Dec 01, 2014 at 10:30AM

Happy holidays! While you’re in the midst of planning parties, decorating and spending time with the family, shopping for gifts for all those in your life can be stressful. We’ve put together a quick gift guide to help simplify the process—these gifts are great options specifically picked out for the person you’re shopping for.

The Cave Man

Not, not the prehistoric kind! We all know a gamer or sports fanatic who practically lives in their “man cave”—or could use some help getting one set up. For this this type of giftee, there are several different routes you can take. Pricier gifts include furniture for the “cave” itself—a gaming chair with a built-in sound system, for example, or furniture like a new TV stand. More budget-friendly picks like blackout curtains or a piece of wall art can make the movie-watching or game-playing experience more enjoyable.

The Green Thumb

This giftee is at their best gardening, working on the lawn and accomplishing DIY projects around the house. Help make their favorite pastime easier with practical gifts like a new tool box or personalized work belt. For the devout gardener, flowers or plants from your nearest garden center can be heartfelt and meaningful gifts.

The Weekend Warrior

Do you know an adventurer, a hiker or outdoors fanatic? Spend some time getting to know what it is they do and what they could use to help make that easier: new grill ware, hiking shoes, maybe a fresh backpack? Whatever it is, they’ll be thankful you took the time and consideration to get them something they’ll really use.

The Interior Designer

They may not be an interior designer by trade, but this type of giftee loves spending their time decorating and renovating around the home. Great gift options can include anything from linens and artsy throw pillows to pieces of statement art that will make a room pop.

The chef

For the self-made chefs in your life—whether it’s a parent or close friend whose dishes you love—gift-buying can be fun and simple! Anything gourmet is a safe choice, and your chef will appreciate the flair this adds to their pantry. Other gifts include small appliances (a new toaster oven or mini cupcake maker, for example), new tools, a personalized apron or silverware set.   

Central Florida Homeowners: Gift Ideas for Every Type

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