4 DIY Gift Ideas

Thu, Dec 19, 2013 at 2:12PM

They say the best gifts come from the heart—but if detailed crafts scare you away, here are a few simple do-it-yourself gifts that will brighten up anyone’s Christmas season.

Sure-Fire Cookies Homemade Christmas cookies show time, effort, and thought—and your recipients will thank you. Whether you follow Grandma’s recipe or get a little help from Betty Crocker, you can present your gift in a holiday-themed box or wrap them up in printed cellophane. Either way, you’ll be sure to spread that token holiday cheer to whatever lucky teacher, neighbor, or friend you cross paths with this season.

Mason Jar Mason jars (or jelly jars) are one of the DIY world’s best friends—their versatility and workability makes them a key component of any homemade gift for the holidays. Just empty, wash thoroughly, and remove the wrapper. Fill it with candy canes, mints, small chocolates or mini ornaments. Wrap it with ribbon or paint red and white polka dots all around; these jars make a simple but thoughtful addition to any home’s holiday décor, and cost no more than the price of some candy and a jar you already have on hand.

A Festive Pillow Don’t worry, you won’t have to break out the sewing machine for this; just find a plain red, green, or white pillow (whether you already have one sitting around or buy one from a craft store), fabric paint, and some holiday stencils—snowflakes, snowmen, stars, etc. Hold your stencil steadily on your pillow, and carefully apply the paint with a brush or sponge. Let it dry overnight. These pillows are a creative but quick fix—especially if you’re in a pre-Christmas crunch.

Gift Card With a Twist So it’s almost the Big Day and you’re stumped on time and ideas. There’s no shame in giving a simple gift card when you’re in a pinch—but make it memorable! Attach it to a small stuffed bear from the store with ribbon, or slide it into a box of your kid’s or spouse’s favorite chocolates. 

4 DIY Gift Ideas

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