What Do We Mean When We Say a Home Has ‘Character?’

Sun, Jul 01, 2018 at 12:00PM

What Do We Mean When We Say a Home Has ‘Character?’

Whether you’re an avid fan of home design shows, or have been on the hunt for a home yourself, you’ve probably heard the word “character” tossed around quite a bit.

When you hear “this home has lots of character,” what does it actually mean? The answer can be many different things, to many different people—but today, we’re venturing a few guesses! Read on to learn more about the meaning of character in a space, and how you can apply it to the search for your dream home.

A touch of history

Many times, when we say a home has character, we’re referring to its historical charm—the decorative touches and flourishes that give away its age in the best way possible. They’re the tell-tale signs that stick around even when the furniture’s gone. Historical character can be found in everything from a spacious, wrap-around porch (the kind that was en vogue in Southern colonial-style houses) to wainscoting to a formal parlor or sitting room, which was a popular feature before home styles gave way to more open, seamless spaces.

You can see much historical character in the homes and businesses of Lake County, where a medley of revivalist styles (from colonial to Spanish to elegant Tudor) pervades the region, reflecting a medley of cultural influences.

The best part about historical character in a home is that these “dated” features don’t need to result in a dated look. They serve as conversation starters and help your home stand out from more modern styles, but can just as easily be adapted to your unique needs (like, say, turning your formal dining room or parlor into a game room for the kids!).

Quirky features

Character can also be used to describe the inherent quirkiness of a home—the oddball features that might make you do a double-take on your first walk-through. These features can sometimes seem like imperfections, until you realize just how much intrigue they add to your space. From awkward corners to windows that sit high on the wall and just out of reach, these architectural oddballs can help serve as the storytellers of your space. (Really—ask your realtor if there is a unique reason as to why a certain feature looks the way it does, and you might just learn something one-of-a-kind about your future home!) Perfect for the designer with a creative flair, these features can help your space stand out from the rest and let you turn the tables on tradition, creating much more of a custom feel in the process.

A personality that’s all its own

Just like people, every home has its own unique personality—some just show their spirit a little more “loudly” than others! A home that’s rich in character might wear its personality on its sleeve, whether that means it embraces a rustic wood-and-brick design throughout (perfect for those who love cozy, cabin-style spaces) or is built in bright, whimsical fashion, reflecting the muse of a modern designer to great effect. Maybe there’s a special “something”—a unique staircase, cozy loft or gorgeous wall-to-wall window—that makes its mark on your space, and prevents you from ever forgetting the way you felt when you first walked in. When you find that, you’ve stumbled upon something truly special.

On the market for “the one?” Search for a home with character—whatever that means to you!

 Lake County is a region filled with charm, culture and a rich history that lend itself to ample character without. Our team can help you find the perfect such place to call “home” … just contact us today to get started!

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