Mount Dora Homes: Prepping Your Home for Fall

Tue, Sep 01, 2015 at 3:55PM

Are you and your family excited for fall? While we may not get a huge amount of those characteristic orange leaves here in Florida, there is still plenty to appreciate about the season right here in the Sunshine State; the slight cool down and drier weather are just a few!

If you want to make the most of your Mount Dora home this fall, you can try one or several of these simple maintenance and décor tips to make the transition:

Clean your screens.

The cool down we often get in October or late September is something worth enjoying! One of the best ways to do that is to keep your windows open during the daytime, using your windows’ screens to ensure that bugs and leaves don’t sneak in with the cool temperatures.

If it’s been months (or maybe even years) since you’ve opened up your home’s windows, you may need to repair or replace their screens. Some may become dislodged or worn down with time. Be sure to check for these issues now and not later, when you’re finally ready to enjoy the great weather!

Plant fall friendly trees.

It’s a myth that Florida trees never change color with the seasons. Yes, it’s true that our trees don’t see quite as pronounced a change as our neighbors to the north do… but there’s still some beauty to be seen in the gentle reds and yellows of leaves right here in Florida! The color change is often more subtle, however, and typically occurs later in the season.

Nevertheless, a change in scenery is something we all love to see. For this reason, you may want to plant trees and plants that you know will change with the seasons—and there are certain species which are especially good for this. Florida maple, flowering dogwood, and cypress are just a few species to consider for richer fall and winter colors.

Clean and prevent tree litter.

Just like it’s a myth that Florida trees never change color, it’s also a myth that they never produce litter at this time of year! If you’re a Florida homeowner, you know just how tricky it can be to free your yard, pool and patio of those pesky seeds and tree leaves. Take extra care this fall to prevent undesirable pileups of litter from trees—for example, consider installing a pool cover which can keep your water clean while it’s not in use.

If you experience problems with tree litter in a particular area (such as your driveway or patio), you may also choose to keep these areas pruned and short to prevent excessive litter.

Spruce up your outdoor space.

Finally, take time to spruce up your outdoor space for outdoor entertaining! While in other states, the start of fall means taking the entertaining indoors, here in Florida it means just the opposite. Get ready to bring your dinners and get togethers outdoors by adding new, comfy cushions (if necessary) to your outdoor furniture. Sweep the area regularly to make it welcoming for guests, and keep entertaining items such as food and party ware nearby or in your outdoor kitchen.

Mount Dora Homes: Prepping Your Home for Fall

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