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August Trivia: Which Local Florida City is Known For Their Strawberries?

Fri, Aug 07, 2015 at 11:00AM

Even though Watsonville, California and Ponchatoula, Louisiana are considered the “Strawberry Capitals of the World”; Plant City, Florida holds the title for the “Winter Strawberry Capital of the World”! During midwinter over 3/4 of the nation’s strawberries are grown in Plant City, Florida. They also host the annual Florida Strawberry Festival which is attended by people all over the world. In 1999 they broke the Guinness World Record with a 6,000-pound, 827-square-foot Strawberry Shortcake.

Every winter, people come visit the Parkesdale Farmers Market to try some of their world famous Shortcake. During the Plant City Strawberry Festival there is even a Strawberry Throne for all berry lovers to sit on and have the chance to be King or Queen for the day.

This strawberry capitol has a variety of attractions and events for visitors all year-round, for a full list visit:


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