7 Cleaning Spots You Might Be Missing

Sun, Dec 20, 2015 at 11:25AM

Are you tackling some New Year cleaning tasks? While a fresh, clean home may be a great way to kick off 2016, there are a few spots you (and homeowners all across the country) might be missing from time to time. In today’s blog, we will be looking at five of these commonly missed spots... and sharing ways to get them done every time.

“Hidden” bathroom surfaces

When it comes to frequently missed cleaning spots, the bathroom seems to have the most! There are several surfaces in your bathroom you may never give a second thought to during your daily routine—but they may be home to germs and gunk you’d rather not have around.

How do you prevent this? In addition to your bathroom’s mirrors, toilet and countertop, pay special attention to more “hidden” surfaces like the inside of your medicine cabinet, behind the toilet, your toothbrush holder and the interior of your shower where you keep shampoo and other products. Give these spots a simple wipe-down regularly so bigger messes don’t have a chance to develop.

Ceiling fan

Your ceiling fan—or even light fixtures that are suspended from the ceiling—may also be home to more than its fair share of dust. Because its blades are constantly moving, you want to keep this spot clean and dust-free to avoid spreading the tiny particles throughout your home. Do this by dusting your fan’s blades (especially the top sides) once a month or every other month, depending on your use.

Beneath appliances

Your refrigerator, dishwasher and stove may be wiped regularly—but many homeowners forget to give their undersides some attention, too. The bottoms of these often used appliances can be home to dirt, crumbs and grime from your kitchen floor. To combat this, use a dry cloth to gather all the dirt away and then wipe down the area to make it clean and fresh.

Under rugs and bath mats

The rugs and bath mats in your home help to give your floors some character, and serve the practical purpose of drying off wet feet! However, there is often dust, dirt, pet hair and other particles hidden underneath your home’s rugs. Whenever you sweep or mop your floors, lift up the rugs to keep those areas clean, too.

Refrigerator drawers and shelves

You want the food you and your family eat to be clean and safe for consumption—so start by keeping their “home,” your refrigerator, clean, too! Regularly wipe down shelves and drawers and use the cleaning time to clear out and get rid of any old or unused products that may make the space smell.

Porch or patio

Even homeowners who regularly entertain outdoors may be forgetting to clean certain nooks and crannies of their porch or patio. Take time to wipe down or dust your outdoor furniture, and check small spaces for dirt, webs or debris that should be cleared away.

Home office

Even though it may seem like the most impeccable spot of your home, your home office may be home to more germs than you’d think. Wipe down your desk, keyboard and other surfaces regularly. Dust your bookshelf to keep the space extra clean and tidy.

We hope that these tips will help you keep your home as clean and comfortable as possible in 2016!

7 Cleaning Spots You Might Be Missing

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