A Shift in Perspective: How a Buyer Sees Your Home

Mon, Aug 07, 2017 at 12:05PM

A Shift in Perspective: How a Buyer Sees Your Home

Wracking your brain for ways to get your home sold? Stop thinking like a seller!

Sometimes, the best way to get the answers you’re searching for is to shift your perspective and look at the problem in an all new way. In this case, that means putting on your shopper’s cap and looking at your home from the perspective of a potential buyer.

See how to utilize this out-of-the-box solution in today’s blog!

Take note of curb appeal

First impressions are important in real estate. You already know that. However, you may be so used to arriving at your home in a certain way (swinging into the driveway, entering through the garage, etc.) and going through the motions that you don’t notice features that could sway a potential buyer.

Next time, consider driving up to your home from a different side of the street (just for the sake of switching things up and increasing your awareness of your surroundings). You may notice plants that need sprucing up, parking difficulties, and other factors that can be amended to improve curb appeal.

If you’re used to taking a side entrance or coming in through the garage, be sure to walk up to the front door as a potential buyer would and make note of what works and what doesn’t. Maybe you notice the pleasant splashing sound of a water fountain. Maybe, on the other hand, you’re distracted by trash bins or leaves littering the entryway. Even if you don’t get the perfect first impression as a “guest” in your own home, this step will help you identify issues and fix them before you’re ready to show.

Identify personal touches

One of the most important aspects of showing and staging a home is to create a sense of neutrality: the idea that any potential buyer could see themselves living in your space. As you approach your home with fresh eyes, keep an eye out for personal touches that might hinder that neutrality. Unique wall murals, large photo displays, out-there color schemes and the like may work well for your family. Everyone has their own unique style! But from a buyer’s perspective, those individual touches may seem less inviting. If you notice them, make a note and see how you might be able to switch them out for more neutral choices with universal appeal… at least until your next home!

Does it click?

Above all, you should be looking to see if your home “clicks” in the eyes of a potential buyer. A successful home showing starts before the front door. When you walk in, are you greeted by a cool stream of air? Is there a convenient place to slip your shoes? Are hallways clean and easy to navigate, welcoming you (or, later on, the buyer) to walk through and explore? If you find that the answer is “yes” to these questions and similar ones, you have a home that clicks—and that’s good news when it comes time to sell.

Looking for more ways to gain buyers’ insights? Talk to the agent who’s helped countless buyers and sellers achieve their dream sale. Call our office today to learn more about your next steps!

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