6 Items Your Family Room Can Never Have Enough Of

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Mon, May 25, 2015 at 9:25AM

With summer on its way, you’re probably looking forward to nights spent in the family room, entertaining guests with a dinner party, family movie night or impromptu get-together… and you’ll need a well-equipped entertaining space to do that. We’re going to be looking at what the best types of these spaces have in common—specifically, what items your family room can never have enough of!

Cozy blankets: For a comfortable night in or kid’s birthday party, there’s bound to be a lot of sitting on the sofa and watching action play out on the big screen TV set… make sure guests are as cozy as possible with plenty of blankets! Whether they be throw blankets, homemade quilts, or thick faux furs, they can definitely foster a sense of peacefulness and comfort in your entertaining space.

Cold drinks: Once everyone’s settled down to enjoy a movie or continue a party, you won’t want to have to be running back to the kitchen every time someone needs a drink. Keep cool soda, water and other refreshing drinks in a mini-fridge that’s in (or is easily accessible from) the family room.

Pillows: There is a reason we’re always so drawn to big, decorative throw pillows for our family room sofas… they look and feel great! You can keep several on the sofa itself, then stow away extras in a linens closet, or a hidden storage ottoman or coffee table.

Snack stashes: While your hidden snack stores of chips, popcorn and cookies may not fit the bill for your wine-and-cheese dinner party, they certainly work for kids’ parties, sleepovers, and family movie nights in. Keep a stash of your family’s favorite goodies nearby—if you have a wet bar or other storage option, this might be perfect. The closer the snacks are, the more time you can spend enjoying your family room!

Movies: This may seem like a given, but it never hurts to be prepared! Whether you store them in your media center or in a separate open-up DVD shelf, having a collection of movies with various themes and age appeal can make your family room the spot to be.

Batteries: It seems so obvious but, at the same time, so easy to forget—batteries! You need batteries for game controllers and TV remotes, so having them handy in a family room drawer is essential. Always be sure to restock your batteries before you run out—this can be the difference between a successful night in and a run to the store.

Storage: While storage isn’t quite an item in the same way that the above ideas area, it’s still hugely important to your family room space. Sneak in hidden storage wherever you can—in ottomans, chaises, under-sofa drawers, streamlined media center shelves… you get the idea. For a room that’s geared toward entertainment, having couch caddies or small bags to hold TV remotes can be a good idea—armchairs with cup holders or pull-out trays are optimal for entertaining when you need them.

6 Items Your Family Room Can Never Have Enough Of

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