4 Fun Family Room Additions for your Central Florida Home

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Tue, May 12, 2015 at 8:54AM

The family room: it’s where we watch movies, play games with family and friends, savor our downtime and, sometimes, sneak in our snacks and dinner. It makes perfect sense that we want to make our family room, game room or den as comfy and relaxing as possible! You can do that with the help of a few fun additions and decorations. Read on for a list of our favorites:

Retro lamp: The ideal family room is bright and cheery… and able to be darkened with the flick of a switch whenever it’s movie time! Opt for a colorful, retro lighting option like a glass mosaic or flexible floor lamp with different-colored bulbs for a fun atmosphere.

Colorful accents: Like we mentioned, your family room should have the option of being as light or as dark as you want it. Bring in some colorful accents through the addition of patterned blackout curtains! This way, you can keep the rest of the room’s design scheme relatively simple—throw in the fun accents and patterns through curtains, fluffy pillows, and large floor rugs for playtime.

Projection wall: Even if you have a fully functioning TV, sometimes the movie-watching experience is even more fun when you’re watching on a wall. Pick up a projector and some projection paint to make this happen. Projection paint is simple and white, so it’s not in-your-face when you don’t want it to be!

Accent furniture: Your kids and houseguests will love the fun atmosphere unique accent furniture brings to your family room space. A piano rug, barrel-shaped side table, or minimalist glass coffee table with a colorful support beam are just a few examples of how creative your decorations can be.

Wall art: We’re not just talking about adding a nice piece of abstract artwork from the department store to your wall—take it a step further and get really creative! A wall covered in family photos (with as many different types of colorful, unique frames as you’d like!), a chalkboard-paint wall made to foster little ones’ creativity, or a bright, colorful mural are all great options that will make your family room stand out from the rest.

Cozy seating: You don’t have to stick with the traditional sectional couch and armchair if you don’t want to! Kids especially will love oversized beanbag chairs, papasan chairs, or uniquely-shaped seating options—because what kid wouldn’t want to sit nestled in a baseball glove or teddy bear’s arms?

Craft corner: Like we said, the family room isn’t just the place to watch TV and movies in! It can be so much more. Foster this multipurpose attitude by setting up a craft or games corner for young kids—a small work table and a few kid-sized chairs are all you need to start out.

Hidden TV: If you don’t want to make your TV set the center of your room, you can effectively “hide” it until it’s ready to be used. Use sliding doors or a decorative opaque pull-down screen to conceal your TV during downtime.

4 Fun Family Room Additions for your Central Florida Home

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