Springtime Fun for the Whole Family

Fri, Apr 01, 2016 at 9:22AM

For schoolkids, summer can’t come soon enough—but we’re still a few months out! In the meantime, however, spring offers us the chance to have fun and try something new with family. In today’s blog, we will be sharing some of our favorite ideas for fun in and around the house this season.

Have a movie night outdoors

Even if you have a beautiful family room setup indoors, there’s something special about heading outside and taking the entertainment with you. Project your favorite movie against a screen or an exterior wall of your home and get cozy with sleeping bags or outdoor seating. Complete the night with cold drinks and snacks for the whole family!

Whip up something tasty in the kitchen

Cooking or baking together is a fun activity that can be shared by everyone in the family—and the end result is something delicious you can chow down on together! Pick out a recipe, whether it be a treasured family dish or something you find online, and go through the motions. Young kids can enjoy simpler tasks like sorting ingredients or stirring mixes, while older ones can learn about some of the more complex processes involved in food preparation.

Put memories into a time capsule

Every family deserves a good time capsule that captures their favorite memories. Fill up a shoebox or other container with photos, letters, and pieces of your everyday life—then bury it or hide it away. In a set period of time, you will be able to reopen the capsule and revisit all those special parts of your life.

Start a hobby together

The next time you and your kids are looking for something to do, get them started on a special hobby you can do together. This can be anything from gardening to photography to painting—the key thing is that you’ll be doing something as a family!

Go camping at home

There’s no need to head far from home to enjoy all the traditions of a family camping trip. Set up a tent and campsite in your own backyard and use your backyard fire pit to heat up a batch of tasty s’mores.

Go stargazing

Stargazing is a unique activity your family will look forward to on clear nights outdoors—and you don’t need much to get started! Find a guide for amateur stargazing, pick up a pair of binoculars, and look to the sky—you might be surprised at just how much you can see from your own backyard.

Improve your home

Some of the best activities to do together are the ones that result in tangible results that everyone can enjoy. If hands-on activities are your family’s idea of fun, get together and invest your time in a home improvement project. This might be anything from a room renovation to a backyard vegetable garden—you can be sure that, no matter what you choose, you will be doing something truly meaningful.

We hope that our list helps you find something special to do with you and your family this spring.

Springtime Fun for the Whole Family

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