Organization Tips for your Central Florida Home

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Fri, Jan 02, 2015 at 10:05AM

Well, the holidays are finally over—and putting away those Christmas decorations might have made you a little more aware of the organization (or lack thereof!) in your home. If better organization was on your list of resolutions, or you’d just like to breathe easy in a clean, uncluttered home, implement some of these organization tips!

Living space

As the central hub of our homes, the living or family room can often be the first to accumulate junk mail, clutter, TV controls… things we’d rather keep out of sight or throw away. A new media center might be just what you need to spruce up your space and add some storage for DVDs, remotes, books and other items. These wall units can come in traditional sets or modular designs you set up yourself.

If you have a problem with organizing your electronics, there’s a trick for that, too! You can pick up a cable organizer—we’ve seen many types, from racks that hang under flat surfaces to boxes that conceal all your wires—or use a drawer or cabinet to tuck them away.

Finally, we have some tips for multi-purpose storage that doubles as décor. You can try hollow ottomans, where you can keep extra throws or small pillows. A well-made coffee table with a shelf or drawer underneath is a simple way to add design and mindful storage to your space.

Closets and bedroom

When it comes to organization issues in your bedroom or closet, the biggest problem is often your clothes. To combat this, start from scratch; clear out your entire closet or wardrobe and make piles for keeping, storage, and selling or giving away. Once you’ve done that and shed some clutter, put your items back into a clean and wiped-down closet. You can also pick up a jewelry or drawer organizer to add further organization to your closet.


The kitchen is the place in our home with the most built-in storage, so organization should be a breeze… but sometimes, it’s tough! While what you can and can’t do depends on your individual space, there are some tricks that should work IN any kitchen. A safe bet is to add drawer organizers—they’re not just for knives and forks! Use them to corral small, hard-to-find items like bag clips, twist ties and magnets.

If storage space is at a minimum, why not work up? Take advantage of vertical wall space with shelves or racks to store and hang pots, pans, spices... whatever you’ve got!

Organization Tips for your Central Florida Home

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