Getting Creative with your Trash

Wed, May 20, 2015 at 9:21AM

We’re not talking about making arts and crafts with your garbage… we’re talking about how to store your trash bins and other unsightly, sometimes smelly yardwork leftovers! With the summer months coming up, it’s especially important to store these items in a way that won’t have your neighbors complaining of odors carried on the wind… and of course, that will have the front of your home looking clean and as beautiful as ever.

Here are my favorite tips for maintaining your home’s exterior while keeping up functionality at the same time. Remember, keeping your outside space tidy, dry and free of refuge doesn’t just look good… it can keep away trash and water-loving bugs and unwelcome critters, too!

Build around your trash. Stowing away your trash in the garage or shed may keep it out of sight, but sometimes these places are harder to get to when you need to toss something out… and they’re not optimal when you have an especially dirty or smelly pile of yard refuse or other trash. Instead, try sheltering your trash with an overhang or awning—you may already have one, but you can also contract out or take on the project yourself to see if building one and attaching it to your current garage, side of house or shed is doable.

If you’re looking for a trash solution that offers a bit more coverage, you can also have a fence built around the space you’d like to place your trash in. You can do this with a standard white barred fence or a hinged wooden one for even more coverage. Either way, they’re easily accessible so you can always toss small pieces of trash over the fence and pull out your trash bins quickly on those days you forget about trash collection. These kinds of fence structures don’t have to be freestanding or even very noticeable… you can attach one to the side of your home and paint it with a finish that matches your house’s exterior. And there you have it—a hidden, aesthetically-pleasing space for your trash.

Add some greenery. One of the best ways to hide your trash is also one of the most pleasing to the eye—plant around it! Potted plants, a trellis for vines to grow on, or even a simple hedge can be put in place to hide your trash or outdoor supplies without having to spend too much or take on an extensive project.

Add a gate. One of the simplest solutions for trash storage is to add a swinging gate that you can open and close whenever you need to toss something out or roll your bins to the curb. Such a gate can be small or large, narrow or wide, and can come in a variety of textures and styles to match the look of your home. If you have an awkward space between two walls, that’s an especially easy place to add a gate and stow away your trash.

Getting Creative with your Trash

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