Listing home


Listing home

Before listing your property for sale, the following should be done to increase the appeal of your property to potential buyers:

  1. Curb Appeal

    Routine maintenance to the landscaping on your property and creating a colorful scene will help attract potential buyers who may be passing by.

  2. Repairs

    Cost effective upgrades such as window repairs, doorknob replacement or polishing, and a fresh coat of paint in neutral colors throughout the home will interest potential buyers.

  3. Staging 

    The first step in staging your property is to unclutter its rooms, make sure they are well lit and have the carpets professionally cleaned. A few details such as fresh flowers and baking cookies will also appeal to potential buyers who have come to view the home. I will work with you and offer advice on how to improve your home's staging.

  4. The Showing 

    Most buyers feel more comfortable speaking with an agent about the property when the owners are not present. It will be my responsibility to show your home to potential home buyers as well as accurately voice and represent your interests. 


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