Home Buying Guide
Home Buying Guide

Buying A Home

Before you can move into your new home, there are just a couple of items left to complete!

  1. Final Walk-Through Inspection

This is when you will visit the home you are purchasing the day before or the day of the closing. You will want to verify the following:

  •  Make sure everything is in working order
  •  Nothing has changed since the last time you visited the property
  •  Nothing extra has been left behind
  • Everything included in the purchase is still on the property

      2. The Closing

During the closing an agent will provide all involved parties with a settlement statement summarizing the details of the financial transaction. Both parties will sign the settlement and closing statements to certify their accuracy. There may be additional documentation required if you are receiving financing from a lending institution. It is the responsibility of the seller to provide you with the property keys and other important details and items at the closing.

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